Properties which adhere to strict guidelines concerning environmental awareness. They promote sustainable tourism. ‘Eco-gîte’ properties use renewable energy and have facilities and equipment for saving energy, sorting rubbish and economising water.

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European eco-label


Tourism, more than any other activity, requires an unspoilt environment and those in search of eco-friendly holidays are becoming more and more demanding. In addition to the impeccable service offered daily to their guests, EU eco-label accommodation must also take account of environmental factors: low energy and water consumption, use of renewable energy, rubbish sorting/recycling, informing and educating guests on environmental issues.

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Eco-Gestes approach


The Gîtes de France "Ecogestes" approach helps to reduce the environmental impact of tourism, improve the living environment and reduce energy consumption. Its main aims are: reduce the impact of tourism on the environment in simple ways, develop eco-responsible tourism, promote this type of accommodation to environmentally aware clients, reduce energy consumption and anticipate future legislation. Owners of such properties have signed up to the special "Ecogestes" codicil.

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